How To Choose The Best Learner Driver Insurance Policy

best learner driver insurance

Provisional learner driver’s insurance is probably one of the easiest and cheapest means to obtain insurance. However, it offers a limited opportunity for its users to obtain a short term driving license. The license is valid for only a limited period. Therefore, the learner has to be prepared to secure a suitable policy from a reputable company.

There are two types of companies that offer the best learner drivers insurance – the established ones and the new ones. The new ones are generally recommended by other drivers because they provide a high level of customer service and are always willing to take extra precautions to insure their customers against possible road accidents. These companies are able to secure their cheap premiums by ensuring that they insure vehicles used by experienced drivers – this reduces the risk borne by the insurer but still allows them to provide affordable cover. Insuring used cars is also a way of making savings.

The established insurers realize that they have to provide more safety features on their policies for the high performance vehicles that are becoming a regular feature on the motorways. As a result, the insurers are prepared to insure any car a driver can get their hands on. Experienced drivers may worry about getting their vehicles insured but the majority find that it is worth the effort and the peace of mind that the cover will provide. The level of protection offered is great value for money.

If you already have a provisional licence and are considering getting your full driving licence as soon as possible then you should take longer to decide upon a policy. A further reason for taking longer to decide is the level of experience that you have. Experienced drivers will generally be awarded a heavier weight in terms of premium payments. This is because they have been driving for a longer time and therefore more likely to have been involved in more accidents than less experienced drivers. Further, experienced drivers may also have more safety-related claims against them. Drivers who have been learning the basics of driving for many years are usually well covered by their insurance company, especially if they have taken the time to learn from their mistakes and stay away from further accidents.

Your main driver should not be chosen solely on the basis that they are the cheapest option. In fact, an experienced learner may be able to secure a better premium than a young professional who is just starting out with their car insurance policy. In fact, there are several things to consider before you even take out a policy. Consider whether you are likely to change drivers when your insurance expires. If so, look for a company that will offer a renewal discount when your current policy expires. It is a good idea to take the time to calculate the exact cost of insuring you as your dependents grow older and the amount of driving that you do on an annual basis.

If you don’t smoke, or you have no history of driving accidents or tickets, then you are likely to qualify for cheaper premiums on your learner driver insurance cover. Premiums are calculated on several factors including the age of the driver, how long they have been undertaking driving lessons, and the type of vehicle they drive. Younger drivers often find that they are offered the best rates on their cover, simply because they are seen as being more responsible drivers who take more responsibility and drive safely than many of their more experienced peers.

If you do decide to take out a policy for a learner driver, check to find out what type of premium you would be offered. Premiums are based on the number of days your vehicle is used each year, the average distance driven per calendar month and the experience of your family members when it comes to driving. Your policy should include emergency roadside assistance in case of any accidents or traffic violations. Also look to find out what happens if you do become pregnant while you are on your lessons. The number of days you are able to remain on your course will be determined by your Driving Schools as well as the cost of your course.

You should also consider taking some lessons with a qualified driving instructor who can help you learn to drive more effectively and safely. Most car insurance policies offer a discount for people who undertake driver improvement courses. Also remember that your policy will differ from those offered by named driver insurance policies, in that there will be differences between temporary and permanent learner drivers and between young adults and older learners. Ultimately you are the best judge of how much you can afford and you will be required to prove this to the insurer.

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