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Automobile club, also known as AMSOIL, is a Missouri non-profit membership organization that represents thousands of Missouri car owners, retirees, and drivers. AMSOIL was established in 1966. The mission of AMSOIL is to promote sports and leisure in southern Missouri. The Club’s main areas of focus are health, safety, and recreation in southern Missouri.

As part of their services, AMSOIL offers members the opportunity to file class action lawsuit expenses on behalf of the injured party or parties. This is in addition to their other major services, including Personal Injury Protection Insurance (PIP), Medical Payments, and Legal Advice. In addition to their PIP plans, they offer coverage for automobile accidents, medical malpractice, and wrongful death claims. Many automobile club members live in or near St. Louis, Kansas City, and St. Joseph. Membership benefits include:

.2d – AMSOIL will provide a member with an abbreviated version of the Inter-Insurance Company Rules. This helps a club member to understand the significance of each rule, especially Rule #1. This is important because this is the most significant rule. The rules outline what happens if a member uses his or her vehicle without following all of the Club’s rules. Rule #1 specifically says that if an “authorized driver” or an individual not a member of the Club uses the automobile and “causes damage” to another automobile or person that was a passenger on that automobile, the person who owns the automobile that was damaged has the right to file a suit against the driver of the other automobile or individual.

.2d – Automobile club will accept the settlement offer on an agreement basis. It is usually required for the Club to submit a written offer to the opposing party or plaintiffs in court. This offer must contain certain terms. These terms are used to help determine how much money will be paid and how the award will be distributed.

.2d – AMSOIL will take into consideration whether or not a defendant or claimant made a bad faith refusal to enter into a settlement agreement or judgment. AMSOIL has a staff that will consider a claim for bad faith refusal when it is brought to their attention. If the matter has been reviewed and deemed unnecessary to proceed, the matter will simply be dismissed. It does not matter if the claimant made a good faith effort to settle the matter.

.2d – The automobile club will accept a claim only if there is sufficient evidence that a member was the victim of an act of negligence by an other person. If there is not enough evidence to show that a claimant caused bodily injury to another person, the case will be denied. To determine whether a claim is well founded, the court will use its own set of legal standards. The plaintiff must establish that they suffered an unfair and unjustified loss or injury while driving the automobile.

.2d – A motor vehicle accident caused by another person who is driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol can result in a claim being filed by any individual that was a party to the accident. This is a civil action. To file such a claim, an individual must have kept proper records of the personal injury accident. The claim can be made by anyone living in the same household as either the driver of the automobile that caused the accident or the spouse of the insured.

In a trial court, the automobile club will present its own proof or its own facts about why a claimant was the victim of negligence. The insurer will attempt to prove its liability coverage with witnesses and by presenting diagnostic test results on the automobile that allegedly caused the injuries. The defense will try to show that there was no negligence on behalf of the motor vehicle club. To do this, the defense will hire an expert in a scientific discipline to testify about the condition of the automobile that supposedly caused the injury and whether or not the claim that the injured person actually sustained any type of bodily injury from the automobile. The plaintiff has the burden of proving their claim.

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