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Progressive Car Insurance – How to Compare Car Insurance Quotes Online

Comparing car insurance rates can seem easy enough, but comparing car insurance prices can be deceptive. Getting a couple of quotes and then comparing the monthly insurance premiums for every one isn’t the beginning and end of the process. When you compare car insurance rates, you want to be sure that you are comparing policies which provide the same level of coverage at the same price. With so many insurers on the market, there are many ways an individual can obtain insurance quotes. For example, they may have already purchased a policy or know they will be purchasing one soon, or they may have friends or family members who own a car and are looking for a quote from them.

Insurance companies and brokers provide their services through local brokers and agents. By obtaining a quote over the phone, a potential policyholder can compare rates and coverage quickly and conveniently. However, not all insurance agents provide this same level of support or assistance when customers make a purchase. Some will simply sell coverage and never bother to discuss their own personal choices and options. In order to get a full picture of how they operate, and in order to know if they will be able to fill the coverage need of a prospective client, it is important for an individual to use an insurance comparison tool.

The first type of tool to turn to when comparing car insurance companies and prices is the internet. There are websites designed to provide individuals with the most relevant information available when searching for insurance. These websites allow potential customers to enter a minimal amount of personal information, such as their age, gender, marital status and driving record, and the site will provide a list of the top ten best car insurers. From this list, customers can find the insurer that offers the best price for their situation.

Another website that can prove useful is the one that allows drivers in a certain area to enter their driving data. The site provides them with the kind of coverage they want, what their deductibles will be and whether or not they would like to include physical damage and liability coverage on their policy. By entering the information, a potential client can determine the kinds of policies they are looking for, such as “low-cost,” “no-fault” and “guaranteed.” With these categories, a customer can narrow down his or her search from the most relevant criteria to finding the best car insurances. The internet’s power to connect drivers in a certain area to the best policies can prove to be very powerful, especially when the company providing the quotes is able to provide a score savings for the consumer.

The next type of tool to turn to when comparing insurance quotes is the internet’s most commonly used resource: lead generation sites. These sites work much like telephone card companies in that they are designed to provide potential customers with contact information for a particular insurance company. What makes lead generation sites different, however, is that they are much more aggressive in gathering personal information about potential clients. As a result, there are serious concerns that some information may be used unethically. However, by providing the contact information, some websites can help a driver make an informed decision regarding which car insurances to purchase.

A final consideration that should be made before using comparison websites is availability. Not all insurance companies are equal. Some, for example, have a far larger presence on the web than others. It may take several days for a potential client to receive even a single quote, let alone receive multiple quotes ranging from one company to five. This should be considered when deciding how often to use a website for comparison shopping. The more time a driver spends shopping around, the better the chance of striking the best deal.

One aspect of shopping that should always be given the utmost attention is a driver’s driving history. The purpose of these websites is to provide potential clients with a complete background check, including at-fault accidents. At-fault accidents will have the most severe negative effect on a driver’s insurance history and should be the first point of contact when a potential client wants to find out how much he or she will be paying for insurance. Progressive Car Insurance, for example, offers its customers the option to compare car insurance quotes online even if a previous at-fault accident has been cited.

The final point of comparison that must be made when it comes to Progressive’s quote comparisons is price. The good news is that this company does not charge more for a one-year policy than other major insurance providers. Instead, the valuepenguin website offers quoting tools that allow a consumer to compare the price of a policy based on a variety of different factors. By using this service, a consumer will be able to discover what kind of policy is right for him or her. In addition, the valuepenguin site offers quoting tools that allow a consumer to quickly determine which policy offers the best value.

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